The project ” Open mind knows no borders’ ‘ of the Education development center ‘’Planet’’from Sombor  has been approved for funding by the European Commission’s Erasmus + program! The project was  evaluated highly appropriate for funding and implementation and it is one amongs the 13 in total approved projects in Serbia. 62 projects were received on the national call for youth exchange projects announced by the Tempus Foundation.

List of approved projects for KA1 in Serbia are Results of the 2017 National Call for Proposals




” Open mind knows no borders’ ‘ will be implemented in partnership with the fourhigh schools:  “Veljko Petrović” (Sombor, Serbia), “Bela Gimnasium” (Baja, Hungary), “Koco Racin” (Veles, Macedonia) and “I Grammar school” (Osijek, Croatia) .

This youth exchange is designed as an non-formal learning opportunity for 40 high school pupils and 8 leaders / teachers from four mentioned countriesand entire activity is completely free for those target groups. . Costs of accommodation, food, travel and program activities will be provided by EU programme ERASMUS + under the K1 action and covered by the host organization Education Development Center ‘’Planet’’.

‘’Open Mind Knows No Borders’’ brings together 40 young people, high school students, from four neighboring countries (Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia) with different ethnic, national, religious, historical, cultural backgrounds to the city of Sombor (Vojvodina, Serbia) united to learn about each other and create an atmosphere of peace, non-violence, respect of human rights in which they can find what connects them.

Detailed program of the youth exchange was designed by youth workers certified by NAPOR (National Association of Youth Workers of Serbia) Branislav TrudićAleksandar Trudić and Ena Horvat and it includes different methods of non-formal education in order to create learning and sharing environment for the participants in which they will develop competences (knowledge, skills and abilities).

As we already have mentioned, project will be implemented within the Erasmus+ programe of the European Union.

What do young people say about this programe, you can see in this video:

Also, within this link you can find more inspiring stories of the participants of the Erasmus + programme: WATCH INSPIRING STORIES OF PARTICIPANTS ERASMUS+

Clicking on the link SALTHO YOUTH You can search the currently open calls for trainings and youth exchanges for young people across Europe.

The important news is that this week is celebrated and devoted as the European Youth Week during which  across the continent, a program 33 EU countries organized over a hundred activities honoring young people, as one of the three key pillars of Erasmus + programme.

Read more on:   European Commission-European Youth Week 2017

Approval of the project ”Open mind knows no borders” is a direct confirmation from the EU on the existence of young professionals in Sombor whose engagement is an urgent need in the present process of establishing, implementing and building faster and more intense regional cooperation.

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